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I'm too busy with work and want to give my kids healthy school lunches!

How many times have you had this situation? You're rushing to get the children dressed, fed and out the door for school, and they lagged behind. When you arrived at the school to drop them off, you have to rummage through your purse or wallet to dig out a few bucks for a school lunch. You hate the school lunch program! They're flavorless, full of processed foods and the kids tell you stories about how kids ball up the fake cheese and bounce them around the cafeteria!!

You want to provide a nutrient-dense lunch for them, packed with protein and healthy fruits and veggies they'll actually enjoy, but who has the time?

I can help you with that! You know those cute little Japanese-style Bento Boxes? Yeah, those! Everyone loves them! Especially the kids.

Hiring Mustard Seed Chef's service can take the sweat out of planning and preparing all those cutie little snacks that your kids would enjoy.

We can Make Lunch Delicious Again!

Let's make school-lunch fun not worry about what tricks the lunch lady is gonna pull on your kids next week! I'm sure they'll appreciate it and you will be confident that your children are being well-fed by a private chef, instead of coming home starving because they threw their lunch tray in the trash.

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