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Soul Supra

Our society has lost the significant value of hospitality. We've put a high price tag on it, for sure! There is a monetary connection, due to our capitalist mindset. Everything of value can have a number placed on it.

But what about the hospitality of the home? God visited Abraham and Sarah and they fed the Angels that visited, from what meager offerings they had. As a reward for their faithfulness, God gave them a child in their old age.

Hospitality can be boiled down to this, never allowing the guest to go in want of anything. In essence, hospitality is expressing the importance of someone else of yourself. It is the act of humility, the highest virtue.

This year, in October, we will host a humble dinner. Two chefs, two wine-pourers, two hosts and one toast master (Tamada in Georgian). We will explore the art of hospitality from the country of Georgia, a country steeped in the act of humility through service. Much food, crossing many cultural boundaries and European wine from interesting and lesser known regions. More importantly we will join people from various walks of life together to share in communion of the common life we share as humans and reconnect with a small part of our human nature.

Please consider joining us as we host the Soul Supra.

October 13th

Denton, TX

Reach out for more details if you are interested.

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