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The Mustard Seed Chef


Chef Jonathon Strand

Some of my earliest and best memories are of cooking in my grandmother’s kitchen in Los Angeles, listening to stories about her childhood during the Great Depression in Prosper, Texas. We would spend hours making fresh granola, peeling Granny Smiths for apple pie and munching on fresh peaches from her backyard. Two decades later I found myself in a kitchen in Portland, Oregon, scrubbing pots when the Sous Chef walked out on the job and the Head Chef asked me to make a soup! I never left the kitchen!

My culinary career is seasoned through farm-to-table catering, weddings and high-volume events. I've worked under Greek, Lebanese, Persian, French & Southern BBQ chefs. Living in the Northwest I had the advantage of local harvest, working with farms, ranches and vineyards all over the Willamette Valley. I've even had the privilege of serving elite clientele from Portland, Tahoe, Reno and Dallas. I once worked with the Oregon Truffle Society, serving their dog-training project and as a Guest Chef for the annual Oregon Truffle Festival. Wild foraging and locally-grown cuisine play a big part in how I create food.

In 2019 we were ready for a change and began looking at relocating from Oregon. I took a job with a major hotel in Texas and we moved to Denton! Moving to Texas has been a way for me to circle back and thank my Grandmother for the passion for food she instilled in me. I know she’d be proud.

My wife and I are raising a beautiful family.. Our eldest daughter studies politics, history, philosophy and child education. Our middle girl plays music and studies Russian for fun and our son enjoys being physical, playing judo and swimming. When I'm not in the kitchen or throwing a party for someone, you'll find me weeding in the garden or tending to the chickens.
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