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Meal Prep

Depending on your needs, weekly meals are delivered once or twice per week directly to your home.
Weekly menus are personalized to fit your specific dietary requests and adjusted as we get to know you.
Each week you will find more time and a fully stocked refrigerator to come home to and eat the food you enjoy.

Do you have specific dietary requirements or a recent diagnosis? Mustard Seed Chef is now working with Certified Dietician & Nutritionist, Jennifer Raines-Felten to assist you by providing personalized education, nutrition management and the professional resources you need to reclaim your health. 

Dinner Parties

Whether its a stay-at-home evening for two, a special night with some guests or a corporate event, we bring highly personalized restaurant quality cuisine to your table. 

With an intense eye for the details, an extensive understanding of service and specially curated ingredients, Mustard Seed Chef will customize a beautiful experience for your palette.


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